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Special Editions

Note this section covers special models of interest, but does not cover all models offered by Nissan. To see the full model line-up please refer to the Models section.

Nissan 'Chapeau' Prototype

Released in 1989 at the Tokyo Motor Show, this prototype is a very early idea of the 'Cube' car concept - curiously some features are quite reminiscent of the Z11 Cube. Similar to the S-Cargo in size and use (it only had two seats), the Chapeau never made it into production.

Chapeau Prototype

Z10 Square

The Z10 Cube Square was offered by Nissan's Autech division, custom front-end with special coloured front grille and colour-coded dashboard accents.

Z10 Square

Z10 Mitsuoka Yuga

The Z10 Cube Yuga was released by Mitsuoka, a mad Japanese firm known for turning ordinary cars into 'nostalgic' looking vehicles such as the Viewt, Ryoga, Le-Seyde and Orochi. Little is known about this early model, but it appears that there are some considerable differences in body panels to imitate the iconic London taxi.

Z10 Mitsuoka Yuga

Nissan 'Chappo' Prototype

Released in 2001 at the Geneva Motor Show, this was the prototype that was to become the Z11 Cube. Designed with 'interior first' mindset, it was shown to be a 'living room on wheels' for the young generation. It featured a variety of technology devices, 3 seats (on rails and able to rotate) and an asymmetrical body (sunroof L shape, and passenger door hinged at the rear). Whilst not much of the interior made it to the production Z11 Cube, certainly the overall concept was retained and the exterior design elements further refined for the production version.

Chappo Prototype
Chappo Prototype

Art Room & Music Room

The Art Room and Music Room were two versions of the standard Cube offered by Nissan as concepts to appeal to music lovers and art lovers. While the Music Room featured minimal differences (custom ash violet or pacific blue colour, MD/CD player with AUX-IN), the Art Room was quite interesting with a custom titanium colour, silver grille and printed A-pillar on the outside, and custom leather interior on the inside with four unique door card panels, each representing a season.

Art Room
Art Room


There were two releases of the +Conran - one very briefly in 2004, limited to 1000 units which sold out in 2 weeks. This was subtley different with alacantra interior and special burnt chocolate or irish cream colour. The second generation +Conran in 2006 featured the same custom colours and with leather interior (in red or brown), climate control, ion filter, custom silver grille and door handles, makes it a very desirable model. 'Conran' refers to Sebastian Conran, a reknowned interior designer based in the UK. He worked in conjunction with Nissan for this special edition, with the aim of "More quality, more fashionable". At the same time there was also March +Conran and Lafesta +Conran editions. For more pictures of both series 1 and series 2 of the +Conran edition check out the photo gallery.

+Conran Prototype

+Conran Prototype (note the panoramic roof)


Sebastian Conran and Chief Nissan Designer Shiro Nakamura

NISMO S-tune

NISMO released a number of optional parts that could be fitted, as well as the special S-tune version combining all NISMO parts including bodykit, special grille, stainless steel rear muffler/exhaust, 'S-tune' coilover suspension, radiator cap, wheels, and sticker kit.



IMPUL - well known tuning house in Japan specialising in Nissan since 1980 - also offered a special supercharged model Cube. This was available on order as 'new' through Nissan, adding up to 2,500,000 Yen to the cost of a standard Cube. Tune included coilover suspension, exhaust, bodykit, wheels and of course the supercharger increasing power by around 30PS. This was available for both CR14DE and HR15DE engines. More information can be found on the IMPUL website.

IMPUL Nissan Cube Z11

Denki Cube Prototype

In 2008 Nissan released the fully electric powered 'Denki' (Japanese for 'Electric') Cube prototype at the New York Auto Show. Powered by lithium batteries, it featured lightning-bolt grille, LED lighting and unique tail lights in the formation of a series of dice-patterned fives. Electric power is from laminated lithium-ion batteries as per the Nissan Leaf, however this car never made it into production.

Denki Cube Prototype

EV-01 / EV-02 Test Vehicles

The first of a series of NIssan electric test cars, the EV-01 was a development mule based on the Z11 Cube but powered completely by lithium-ion batteries. It was first shown in 2008. The EV-02 followed in 2009 and was seen more prominently in the US in road tests as a preview of what was to come from Nissan. What came was the Nissan Leaf in 2011, effectivley powered by the same powertrain.

Nissan Cube EV-02 Prototype

Yokohama Muetto

The Muetto (romanisation of Mouette, French for 'Seagull') was a design collaboration project organised by BankART Studio NYK with various designers, manufacturers and artists from the city of Yokohama. Based on a normal Cube, it was transformed into a 'pickup' style with fibreglass panels around the tray and an openable hard cover. It was priced at 1.2m Yen, and limited to 200 units.

Yokohama Muette

Autobacs Monocraft

The Autobacs Monocraft was a 30 units limited edition model also modified to a 'pick-up' style body. Produced by the popular Autobacs in Japan, it was available with 'woody' panels on the side and generic American truck front-end treatment. There is at least one of these vehicles now in Australia.

Autobacs Monocraft

Police Vehicles

The Z10 and Z11 Cubes were used in Japan as police vehiclse for a number of years in various prefectures.

Z11 Japanese Police Car

Interested in more photos? Check out the searchable photo gallery!

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