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We aim to collect a series of easy-to-follow DIY tutorials to keep your Cube running in tip-top shape and support you in modifying your car to really make it your own. If you have a tutorial to submit, please do get in contact with us.


Tutorial Created by Difficulty
Z11 Part Numbers Cube Australia Easy
Replace Pollen Filter MarkB Easy
Remove centre console panel / stereo squinty_eye Easy
Remove Interior Panels Cube Australia Easy
Changing Spark Plugs NessieUK Medium
Grille removal Cube Australia Easy
Headlight removal Carla Medium
Tail light removal Cube Australia Easy
Fog Light Installation Cube Australia Medium
Fixing slow electric windows tbc Medium
Keyfob Programming & Battery Cube Australia Easy
What size wheels can I fit? Cube Australia Easy
Create your own 'papercraft' model! SHIS Easy


Easy Likely to take 1-2 hours for a beginner

Medium Likely to take 2-5 hours for a beginner

Hard Likely to take a day or more for a beginner

Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube


If you have any additional questions, feedback or have a tutorial of your own you'd like to submit please get in contact with us.



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