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Foglight Installation

Z11 OEM Fog Lights

If your Cube did not come with fog lights from the factory, the good news is it's a relatively simple job to install them. Thankfully Nissan left the wiring in place for all cars, and the headlight stalk is interchangeable. The parts detailed in this guide are Z11 specific, and note you will need lights/covers to suit your model. To install fog lights to your vehicle you will need:

- Fog lights
- Fog light plastic covers
- 2x nuts and bolts for installation
- Nissan headlight/indicator stalk with fog light control

Fog light parts


While basic instructions are offered below, all electrical work to any vehicle should always be performed by a licensed electrician, and always with the battery disconnected. This website takes no responsibility for damage or accidents.

Install the Lights

1. Remove the grille to gain access to the fog light covers and wiring.
2. Each fog light cover has two triangular prongs on the numberplate side of the covers. You will need to push both at the same time away from the numberplate to allow the cover to pop out.
3. Find the wiring and exposed plug on each side of the car, and cut the electrical tape free. At this stage it is also worthwhile to clean the plug contacts with a brush and contact cleaner.

Existing wiring
4. Before mounting the lights, it is wise to first test them. Therefore, time to swap over the indicator stalk. Simply remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the steering column surround, remove the plastic key surround and take the bottom section of the steering column surround off.
5. Remove the stalk, and 'click' the new stalk in place.
Existing wiring
6. Plug the fog lights into the wiring harness. Now, test the operation. Hopefully you have LIGHT!
7. Let's mount the fog lights - they will require a nut, bolt and washer to hold in place, and there is a small plastic knob which is to be guided into a hole to position the lights correctly. Note each light is marked L or R.
8. Once securely fastened, the new fog light plastic covers can be installed by simply clicking in place. Note the covers are unique for L and R.
9. Re-install the steering column surround and front grille, and you're all done.

Existing wiring

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