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Grille Removal

One of the easiest modifications to make to your Z11 Nissan Cube or Cubic is to remove the front grille to replace it with another of the variety of grilles that were available. To see all of the different grille options, check out Details page! Or to see the DIY instructions for grille removal read on. To remove the front grill of your car you will need:

- Needle-nosed pliers
- Small flat-head screwdriver

How to remove Z11 Nissan Cube grille


The grille is attached to the car in 3 places. First, the 2x plastic trim clip fasteners (circled green). Second, 2x plastic tabs at the back of the grille that attach it to the radiator support (yellow arrows). Finally, a series of 6 tabs at the bottom of the grille that slot into the top of the bumper (red and blue arrows).

Remove the front grille

1. Carefully use a small screwdriver to gently prise away the middle of the plastic clips a bit. Then pull the rest of it out and keep in a safe spot for re-installation. The clip is shown below.

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal
2. Detach the grey socket plug to indicators as below. You will need to squeeze the small tab either with your hand or use a small screwdriver while pulling it away.

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal
2.1. Now find the small plastic tabs at the back of the grille (one per side, at the edge near the headlights). Use your needle-nosed pliers to squeeze the clip together vertically, while pulling the grille forward.

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal
3. Finally, this bit is a bit tricky but essentially you have 6 tabs at the bottom of the grille - 2 which are purely for alignment (blue circled) and 4 which are clipped into the front bumper (red circled).

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal
3.1. Pulling the grille forward slightly, reach in and squeeze each of the the (red) grille clips together to unfasten the grille from the bumper. Below shows what the clips look like - you'll need to push upwards on the clip to allow it to come out from the bumper. The blue circled clips are purely for positioning and should slip out themselves (you can see one in the background of the picture below).

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal

Your grille will come forward and detach from the car.

Re-installation is easy - simply follow the steps in reverse, ensuring you fasten all of the plastic trim pieces back in place by pushing them in.

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