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Removing Interior Panels

You may need access to various components in your Z11 Nissan Cube, requiring the removal of interior panels. Unless you have a Workshop Manual it can be tricky to work out how to remove the panels. Below are some guides - and please feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute! Note for all removal of interior panels it's recommended that you use a set of trim panel tools. A set can be purchased for under $10 online.


Rear Door Interior Panels

1. There are two panels attached to the rear door, and 2 different types of clips used to hold them on. See below

Z11 Nissan Cube grille removal

2. To remove the top panel, simply pull the panel out and use a trim removal tool to prise out each clip. Ensure you only apply pressure at the point of attachment to avoid damaging the plastic trim. Re-installation is just a matter of firmly pushing the clips into their holes.

3. To remove the bottom panel, prise out the two corner attachment clips (marked in red) and then each of the 4 topmost attachment points. You will need to pull quite hard and these orange clips will stay attached to the plastic panel. Use your trim removal tools to apply pressure at the mounting spots to avoid damaging the plastic trim. Once all the top clips are undone you can work your way through the other clips to remove the panel. Re-installation is just a matter of firmly pushing the clips into their holes.

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