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Keyfob Programming & Battery

Keyfob Replacement & Programming

A keyfob replacement can be purchased from Nissan for around $200. In order to program the keyfob to suit your car, you will need to find a Nissan dealership or Import yard willing and able to do this and bring your car along for the programming. Workshops that are able to do this include:

- Dandenong Nissan (Melbourne)
- Import Revolution (Melbourne)
- Moorooka Nissan (Brisbane)

Battery Replacement

Changing the battery in your Cube keyfob is not too difficult.

Early Type

Early type keyfob

1. Purchase the new battery - CR1620
2. Remove the screw below the Nissan logo (circled below), and put it aside
3. Insert a wide flat-head screwdriver at the top of the keyfob (circled below) and gently prise unit open
4. Replace the battery
5. Click the fob together again and replace the screw (don't overtighten!)

Early type keyfob


Mid Type

Mid type keyfob

1. Purchase the new battery - CR2032
2. There is a small opening at the top right corner of the fob when looking at it with Nissan logo upright facing you. Insert a small flat-head screwdriver and gently prise open
3. Replace the battery
4. Click the fob together again

Mid type keyfob


Late Type

Late type keyfob

See this instructional video here -

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