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Z11 Part Numbers

While your local Nissan dealer can be a great source if willing to source Nissan parts for you, sometimes it's helpful to know the exact part number. Below are some of the more common Cube part numbers that we have found useful.

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Part Description Genuine Nissan Part Number Aftermarket Part Number
Proximity Key Fob 285E3-AX025  
Blank Master Key H0564-AX010  
Front Windscreen 72700-3UOOB  
Pollen Filter (with anti-allergens) AY685-NS007  
Pollen Filter 27891-AX025  
1.4L Oil Filter 15208-53J00 Ryco: Z442
1.4L Air Filter 16546-AX00

K&N: 33-2060
Saukura: A-1832

1.5L Air Filter   Ryco: A1591
1.4L Spark Plugs NGK Iridium: LFR5AIX-11
NGK Platinum: LFR5AP-11 (Nissan Part Number = 22401-8H315)
Denso: IKH16
1.4L/1.5L Front Brake Pads 41060-AX085 Bendix General CT: DB1819
1.4/1.5L Front Wheel Bearing 40210AX000  
1.4/1.5L Rear Wheel Bearing 43210AZ300  
1.4L Alternator Belt   Dayco: 5PK1070
1.5L Alternator Belt 11720-ED00C Dayco: 7PK1140
1.4L Power Steering Belt   Dayco: 3PK670
1.4L/1.5L 4-speed Auto Trans fluid Nissan matic J Castrol transmax J or E
1.4L/1.5L CVT Trans fluid Nissan NS-2  



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