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Z11 Cube Wheel Guide

The Basics

Firstly, you will need to understand what both rim and tyre specifications mean. Google it to find out more, but basically the important specs are:

Wheels - 4x110, 15x5J, +50
- 4x100 - stud pattern (number of bolts and distance apart in mm)
- 15x5J - diameter of rim and width of rim in inches
- +50 - offset in mm (+ outwards from centre or - inwards from centre)

Tyres - 175/65R14
- 175 - width in mm
- 65 - height measured as % of width (i.e. 65% * 175 = 113.75mm)
- R14 - diameter of suitable wheel/rim

Example Fitments

One of the best ways to see how different sized wheels will appear is by examples. Here are some - and we'd love to show more if you have more examples! Naturally, some of the 'wilder' fitment examples below are only possible with altered suspension, rolled wheel arches and/or guard work!

Click through to see the full gallery!


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