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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Should I buy a Cube locally, or import one from Japan myself?

A There are a lot of factors to consider. See pros (+) and cons (-) below.:

Buy Local


+ You can inspect the car yourself, and test drive it. You will know exactly what you are buying.

+ No long waiting times. Once you purchase a vehicle, you can effectively drive away immediately.

- Be VERY wary of odometer readings. Ensure you purchase a car with proper de-registration paperwork as proof of kms.

- The selection pool of vehicles in Australia is not as good as in Japan.

- Expect to pay a slight premium.

+ Able to select a car based on your exact specifications, as there are always hundreds of Cubes for sale in Japan.

+ You can generally afford a better-spec car importing yourself.

+ If you purchase through a reputable broker you can have confidence in the odometer reading.

- As most importing brokers will purchase from auctions, the inspection will consist of a pretty accurate 'surface' condition report however tests drives are not possible.

- You will need to wait 8 weeks+ for shipping, compliance and registration.

- Costs may increase beyond expectations if unexpected issues are found during this process.


Q What models of Cube are eligible to import to Australia?

A Please refer to the Models page for further details on eligible models.


Q What is the difference between Cube and Cube³ (Cubic)?

A Basically, the Cube is a 5-seater and the Cube Cubic is a 7-seater, with extended wheelbase by 200mm. For more details and pictures refer to the Details page.


Q Can I modify the standard Japanese Stereo/CD/DVD/GPS to work in Australia?

A Stereo - AM will work, however FM uses different frequencies in Australia (88-108) vs. Japan (76-90) so that won't work. You can purchase a 'Frequency Converter' to effectively 'shift' all frequencies +20MHz, however the display will show the original frequencies. CD player will work. DVD player will only work for NTSC-encoded DVDs. The Japanese GPS cannot be converted and is Japanese language only.

To keep the 'stock' appearance, your best bet is to find a second-hand Australian delivered Nissan stereo. For example the Navara unit is double-DIN, fits with overall aesthetics and later models also support MP3, WMA and USB input.


Q How economical/reliable is the Cube to own?

A The Z11 Cube is based on the K12 Micra as sold in Australia, so servicing is not a problem. The Cube is known for excellent fuel economy and reliability is similar to any Nissan of the period. Note later 1.5L models have slightly better fuel economy, and that the CVT transmission is notorious for going wrong if not maintained with proper, authentic Nissan CVT fluid. This can be an expensive repair/replacement.


Q How easily are parts sourced? Where can I find parts?

A As the Z11 Cube is based on the K12 Micra, most mechanical parts are shared and commonly available in Australia. Those that are Cube specific are still available to order through Nissan Australia, second hand through import wreckers or can be purchased from Japan if you are not hurried. We often bring in parts from Japan so feel free to contact us for a quote.


Q Will I grow tired or bored of this car? Are there quirks to be aware of?

A It has to be said, the Cube is a love-hate car. Many Australians don't understand the concept so expect dumbfounded looks and jokes at the car's expense! While it's unique looks, immense storage and clever little tricks are enough to keep most owners besotted, at the end of the day it's still a vehicle. As a vehicle it is a highly practical, reliable and economical device. However it is not powerful, engine noise can be intrusive and being so slab-sided it can be affected by crosswinds. We recommend you test drive a few of different grades to understand how they drive and what suits your needs. You would also be most welcome to attend one of the club events to see a few side by side and speak to owners.

Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube


If you have any additional questions or suggestions please feel free to get in contact with us.



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