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We can find you most parts for the Z11 or Z12 Cube and are based in Melbourne, Australia. Please contact us if looking for something in particular or check out stock below. As a true Cube enthusiast I'm not here to make money from wheeling and dealing - just here to help fellow enthusiasts maintain and modify their ride!!


Z11 Nissan Cube digital 'Kouki' grille - used in excellent condition, no major cracks/scratches. $100

Z11 Nissan Cube diamond 'Chuki' grille - used in excellent condition, all plugs and wires. $100

Z11 Nissan Cube 'Chuki' circle headlights - used in excellent condition with all plugs and wires. $100

Z11 Nissan Cube sales brochure - various model years available, all excellent condition. $20+


Feel free to get in contact if interested, would like to make an offer or searching for a particular part.
















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